August 1, 2006

"Old Crapper" On eBay


Toilet training turns out to be like diaper changing, only more so: whenever you go out, you become hyper-aware of where the nearest toilets are.

But I confess, even with my heightened potty sense, I never would've thought to search eBay for an "old crapper," and yet, here one is.

The seller of this "antique potty chair" ["antique?" I'll grant him "vintage," but "antique"?] says it "would make a nice planter." I don't know nothin' about that, but judging from the patina on both the chair and the pot [it's called porcelain, but it looks like enameled metal to me. better ask], it's definitely served its original purpose.

With a starting bid of $39 [+$16.85 shipping], you probably don't need to worry about missing the end of the auction on Wed.; I'm betting it'll be available for your best offer on Thursday.

antique potty chair with porcelain pot,old crapper [ebay via dt reader tina]

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That reminds me of that scene in Charlie Chaplin's the Kid where he cuts the hole in the wicker chair and sets the chamber pot under it. I always show that scene to my wife and say, "see, if a tramp can live in a one-room shack and keep a baby hanging from an elaborate system of ropes and pulleys and cut his diapers from rags he picks up on the street we can survive in our one room apartment." She doesn't think his feeding of the kid with a tea kettle served as a worthy argument for her not to try every single species of sippy cup either.

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