July 31, 2006

Advertisers Make Server Upgrades Easy And Seamless

I wish we had more of them! Actually, I prefer having a very limited number of highly relevant, interesting and value-added advertisers to enhance the experience and improve the lives of Daddy Types' new parent readership. If you are such an one, take a look at advertising on Daddy Types. And if you're looking to reach even more dads, take a look at Dad Ads, the dadblog network. Meanwhile, a big DT shoutout to the following advertisers:

  • Sparkability, and by "better things for kids," they now also mean "Micralite strollers."
  • Edward Maxwell von Houten, Esq., who, invigorated after winning a malpractice suit against the OB who delivered him because his innie was collecting an inordinate amount of lint--hey, I'm just telling you what's on the site--is looking for plaintiffs who're fed up with too-cheap, too-convenient cell phone service. Is that Eau de Viral you're wearing, counsellor?
  • CHEC, the Children's Health Environmental Coalition is having a drawing for some butterfly-alicious prizes. Hurry up, though: sign-up ends today. As Meryl Streep was just saying to gDiapers the other day, "Without 'u', it's just 'Ble Btterfly.'"
  • Normally [sic], I'd thank myself here, but after the annoyances of this server thing, I probably deserve to be fired. Me and the whole IT team.

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