July 29, 2006

Takashi Homma's Tokyo And My Daughter


The Zurich-based art publisher Nieves has just released Tokyo And My Daughter, a book by photographer Takashi Homma. It's the latest in a series of artist titles that includes Sonic Youther Kim Gordon's Chronicles, Vol. 1 and Thumbsucker director Mike Mills' Humans [Hey, I wanna be a one-man-brand in Japan, too...] :

Takashi Hommas own I love my daughter very much. I love Tokyo very much. declaration is probably the key to reveal the connection between the graceful and intimate sequence of images depicting Hommas daughter and the city of Tokyo. With his incredible touch and distance he again creates a special world of his own, documenting his daughter from being a toddler to a young little girl through the everyday places in and around their life.
Tokyo And My Daughter by Takashi Homma, $20 +shipping from Switzerland [nieves.ch via jeansnow]

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I searched for this wonderful little gem on amazon and they have it available for pre-order (will ship 8.15). Just a heads up in case you do not want to pay for overseas shipping.

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