July 27, 2006

NYT: Skulls R Kewl

I guess I had my head in the sand a decade or more ago, but according to the NY Times, skulls are the new Precious Moments:

Reminiscent of the vogue for angels a decade or more ago remember how the little winged creatures were everywhere? the skull neatly encapsulates a cultural moment in terms both precise and vague.
The only problem: if you can't get yourself to a mall, the only baby-related skull gear mentioned in the article is this Misfits one-piece, which is $16 from the Misfits' Fiend Store [sic].


If you can get yourself to a Hot Topic, though, you can find a whole slew of skull gear in their "Kids Having Kids" department. I mean, if I were a high school girl, I'd want to get knocked up just so I could dress my kid in this cute Blest skull & bones bodysuit. ITSSOOOCUTE!!!

skull_onesie.jpg skull_vans_slip-ons.jpg
The Heyday Of The Dead [nyt] Misfits Fiend Club bodysuit, $16 [misfits.com] Skull-covered clothes for babies and toddlers at Hot Topic [hottopic.com] Unfortunately, the skull-printed Vans are only available in limited sizes. [hottopic.com]


Hot Topic sells baby clothes? That just seems wrong on a number of levels...

don't you remember those angels from that famous painting? they were on everything from mugs to t-shirts to my living room wall (my roommate was a fan) in the nineties.

when I was a teen, it was a tiny bit harder to get indie street cred... you couldn't just buy it at the mall.

I'll admit to buying my daughter a couple of things at Hot Topic - a Led Zeppelin "Icarus" bodysuit and a pair of Robeez-style leather shoes with bow-wearing pink jolly rogers on them. I bought the bodysuit before she was born and didn't find it until it was already too small. We put it on her once, took a picture, and put it away again. She actually got a lot of use out of the shoes.

Well, the market is simple. You know all of those depressed goth 15 year olds who moped aorund in dark corners in the mid-90's? Yeah, they're parents now, around 25-28 years old and would totally buy these for their little monsters. Or at least this one would.

Much to the chagrin of my wife, I've got our son in a misfits onesie.

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