July 27, 2006

Clearly, I Was Wrong About The Angels


I am so sorry. I hope those who might have taken offense at my dismissive tone this morning about the popularity of angels will forgive me. You know me, I was just shooting my mouth off without knowing all the facts.

But now, thanks to the inspiring work over at RainbowPrimates, I am beginning to understand the power and love that angels possess. Angels and primates, after all, they're both like Heaven's little messengers of joy in the lives of those who believe and can open their hearts.

And when a sweet baby is called back to primate paradise, it's the angels who comfort those left behind. Photoshopped angels.

And before I forget, all the diaper covers at Jolynn's Monkey Boutique are custom. And the Huggies Newborn Monkey Diapers are available in either precut or uncut styles, to accommodate your baby's tail.

RainbowPrimates [rainbowprimates.net]
Jolynn's Monkey Boutique [jolynnsmonkeyboutique.weblodge.net]


I clicked that "primate paradise" link, and I am literally sitting here with my mouth open in slack-jawed bewilderment. It's like you've opened a door and showed me a world I couldn't even conceive of 5 minutes ago.

I hope you were kidding about the people giving you crap about the dismissive tone a propos de your angels comments. Next thing you know, you'll be talking up Thomas Kinkade or something...

I see the monkey boutique sells "harnesses" ... I hope this isn't going to start a big debate about the good/evil of monkey leashes.

(I don't even want to bring up the fact that they appear to be promoting BOTTLE feeding your monkey!)

(I guess another debate would be corporal punishment of monkeys, but this is a family blog.)

My God, where do you come up with this stuff?

I can't believe people dress their babies like that, much less a poor hapless monkey...

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