July 25, 2006

Next Up: Are Women Evolutionarily Suited For Math?

Since Britney Spears' flaunted her manny in the nation's face, the Washington Post felt compelled to ask the tough questions: are male humans genetically capable of picking up kids from preschool?

Fortunately, the answer can be found just across the river in Alexandria, where an actual man cares for two young children and "No, he's not gay. His fiancee is in the Peace Corps in Uganda. And, no, he's not a girly man. 'I love being with kids,' he shrugs. 'It's weird to think that not hanging out with kids is considered manly. What does that say about our roles?'"

Secure in His Mannyhood


I know -- how weird is that article? Is it that crazy and controversial that a man can be nurturing and care for children? And all of that scientific mumbojumbo, as if the involved daddy is a freak of nature -- what was that? All kinds of crazy shit happens in nature. I could say 98% of species are pretty sanguine about abandoning their offspring -- does that make it therefore natural for people to do so?

Revealing the dregs of TV that I watch: there's a manny/model on Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency. He's featured in the episode where they go to New York. He's shown caring for three girls of a well-to-do family, and he says that playing with kids all day helps his modeling because it makes him imaginative.

I love the quote from the evolutionary psychologist - how he's all bewildered by the fact that a man could be a nurturing caregiver. It kind of makes me hope he's not a father himself.

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