July 21, 2006

Hellooo, Glorious Advertisers: The Micralite Ed.

I tells ya, you learn the darnedest things from the advertisements on Daddy Types. Like that Sparkability is taking pre-orders online for "late August" delivery of the Micralite stroller for $449. And the newborn system with the carry cot attachment--"Excuse me, do you have any Rochingham Vented Mattress?" "But, of course."--is $699.

And while I'm at it, did you know that CHEC, the Children's Health Environmental Coalition, is having an awareness campaign, and if you sign up through Blue Butterfly, you could win a $30,000 MimiSo necklace or--better yet--a flushable diaper starter kit from gDiapers?

And did you know that daddy type t-shirts are awesome?

If you have something important, shocking or valuable for new dads to know, you should probably advertise it on daddytypes. Or to reach even more dads out there, you should probably advertise it on Dad Ads, the dadblog network.


Hey there --

My partner and I are expecting a baby and we find ourselves half-delighted deep in the rabbit hole of hyper-baby-consumerism. We have been spurred on and really enjoyed your blog guiding us along.

I just had a question if you have a chance to answer this. It seems like the Micralite and some of the other tantalizing European strollers only take the European car seat and I think I've read on your blog that you prefer the other car seat system.

Is there any issue with using a non-American car seat? Are you violating some safety regulations? Do you have to be secretive when you see a car-seat inspector? Also, where do you get the European-type car seat?

Any help much appreciated


The engineers are already working on a new car seat adaptor for the Micralite (I believe that Graco will be the first to be accommodated) - I haven't yet heard any firm dates for availability.

I was online today and for anyone who is interested the quinny zapp and buzz are onsale at Sears Canada

Incase anyone is interested.

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