July 21, 2006

Damon Sucks Bib Back On eBay


A Boston-area at-home mom starts selling bibs and Onesies with "Damon Sucks" on them on her little online baby clothing store, and suddenly Johnny Damon's agent is all up in her biznazz about it, getting her kicked off of eBay and threatening her with lawsuits.

What in the world could Johnny Damon have done that he would think those bibs and Onesies were about him, pray tell? asked the hardnose negotiating mom? Isn't it possible that they're talking about some other baseball Damon? Unless you're saying your client really does suck, in which case, what truer bibs could there be in all bibdom?

Faced with sucking harder than he already does, Damon & co backed down. The bib [huh? just one bib?] is back on eBay, where the Damon Sucks camp has currently bid it up to $84.69, with 3 days to go. Nicely played, Mrs. Sylvia, nicely played.

Damon Sucks Baby Bib auction ends Jul. 24 at Owen's & Emma's Place eBay Store [ebay]
Waaah! Johnny Damon sues over baby clothes [msnbc via deadspin, thanks to dt reader mark]

1 Comment

Oh, God. I'd better not send this to any friends or I'll end up with a "friend" buying this for me and putting the bib on little As-Yet-Unborn-Odon so he/she can wear it while riding on on his/her SLED OF DEATH in a year or so.

But Damon does sort of suck. Of course, we were at the Mariners / Red Sox game yesterday afternoon and the 36 weeks pregnant wife asks me "Where's the guy with the hair?" She was rather distraught to hear that he wouldn't be making an appearance on the field (or, more importantly for her, on the Jumbotron).

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