July 20, 2006

Stroller-Pushing Park Sloper Beans Car In Crosswalk

Beyond, "Lady's lucky she didn't get a cap in her ass, BAM!" I have no real opinion on this, so I'll just throw it out there and see what happens:

I saw one woman struggling across the street with multiple bags of groceries hanging off her kid's stroller; when she got cut off, TWICE, she reached into her grocery bags and hauled out a can of beans which she threw at the rear window of the second car, cracking it clear across.
Park Slope Parent Ped Rage [originally on parkslopeparents email list via streetsblog.org via curbed]


I love it. I've noticed that when me and the kid are walking down to the park for the weekly softball game and I'm carrying my bat, nobody cuts me off.

Awesome. Can of Beans? Really? Before the kid came along, and I was a smoker, I'd been known to throw a lighter or two at cars cutting me off or barreling me down while walking the dog. I don't know that I'd have the balls to chuck a can of beans, though, especially with the kid in tow. I second the "she's lucky she didn't get a cap in her ass"

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