July 19, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy: "Stimpy's Pregnant" On DVD


A little Ren & Stimpy chaser for your Punky Brewster DVD cocktail, perhaps?

John Kricfalusi is releasing a new double DVD set, Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes., lost from Spike TV, that is. Among the many tantalizing features is the episode, "Stimpy's Pregnant," which includes the "first on screen live animated birth."

It's labelled an "adult party cartoon," and I can assure you that nothing livens up a party like a birthing video. A Ren & Stimpy birthing video's gotta be like, a whole new, "Hold the epidural, baby!" kind of partying. There's a trailer on YouTube.

Buy Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes on Amazon. [amazon]
John K's post about the set--with trailers [johnkstuff.blogspot.com via boingboing]
"Stimpy's Pregnant" trailer [youtube, nsfw]

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John K, unedited...that's pretty scary

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