July 16, 2006

Whoa. Vladimir Kagan Contour Rocking Chair


Yeah, I know, barely back from church for an hour, and I'm already coveting again. Does it matter that I coveted all the way through church, too? And most of yesterday, ever since I saw this rocking chair?

We'd gone to my mother-in-law's house to help her get ready for a trip, only there wasn't really anything for me to do; Grandma doesn't have wireless, either, so there I was with a basket of old magazines and a cushy sofa. I rifled through them pretty quick, and then a 2004 copy of French Elle Decor stopped me.

That was about the time that Vladimir Kagan's brand of flashy, biomorphic mid-century modernism hit the radar screen again. He certainly hadn't been on ours when we were shopping for a rocker, which is too bad because prices for his vintage pieces have more than doubled in the last couple of years. In Spring 2005, a Kagan sofa from 1952 went for $192,000 at Christie's.

So I'll just confess to coveting the Contour Sculpted Rocking Chair, which I didn't know about and which I probably wouldn't have been able to find anyway, and which I probably would've balked at for $3,000, never mind $9,000, because who really knows, right? But in the mean time, forgive me, for verily, this sweet, sweet rocking chair doth cause me to lust in my heart.

The walnut version above went for $9,600 this year at Rago Arts auction. A cherry one with vintage upholstery sold for $10,620 in 2005. [ragoarts.com]

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