July 14, 2006

I Can't Stop! These Books...Are Like Crack!


Mr. Crack, that is. For some reason, this "SAVE OUR CHILDREN!" "CRACK WILL MAKE YOU A SLAVE!" book isn't listed on Amazon, but you can buy it online. Or from the guy driving around the Upper West Side in his Mr. Crack van. [I'm waiting for the recreational crackuser's corollary, It's Just A Glass Tube I Use To Hold A Paper Rose In; I Bought It At The Gas Station.]


And in other cautionary didacticism news: Dateline CANADA, where our fearless hero [and by "our," I mean "the Canadian copyright lobby representing the same giant media corporations who dominate the US--plus Helen Reddy's record label"] Captain Copyright has put out some totally awesomeTM comic books to teach kids about the joys of paying many times for stuff you thought you already bought. I'd suggest you print them out and make a board book from them, but since that constitutes contributory theft...


Of course by targeting his messageTM at kids in school, Captain Copyright may be too late: especially if your kids get their remix/sample/download/time-shift/appropriate/fair use mitts on The Pig and the Box, a new Anti-DRM book for kids by a dad in British Columbia.

Mr. Crack [mrcrack.net via consumerist]
The Pig and the Box [dustrunners via boingboing]
Captain Copyright [captaincopyright.ca via boingboing]

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