July 13, 2006

RU Kickin' It Old-[Pre]Skool With Community Playthings?


Do you have some awesome Community Playthings gear or furniture that's been going strong for over 30 years? Does your kid's day care center or pre-school? How about your parents or grandparents? Maybe it's something like this 70's-era Variplay wagon/bench that turned up on Craigslist in New Haven recently? [for a $100; that must be some patina.]

The editors of Collage, CP's online magazine for early childhood educators, are seeking some golden oldie Playthings to feature on the cover of their 2007 catalog. All it takes is some 30+yo gear, a digital photo, and a quick blurb. Check out Collage for details.

Golden Oldies, please make yourselves known! [communityplaythings.com via dt reader/vintage shark andy]
Previous incidents of Community Playthings-related covetousness on dt

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