July 12, 2006

NO $800 Strollers In My $100,000 Car, Dammit

Thanks to Google, a few of the stroller posts take on a life of their own, attracting advice seekers, firsthand accounts, and some rather excited reactions. For example, a fellow named Too Much Money just posted this on a Stokke Xplory post. [Mall of America shoppers be warned: from my own experience at the marble and limestone National Gallery of Art, the Bugaboo's rubber tires squealed like a pig on luau day going across the terazzo]:

OK, I think the price of both Cameleon and the Xplory is absolutely ridiculous! For all the people here trying to justify the price - you have lost your minds!!! I drive a porsche 911 and a BMW 745, but at least I am not trying to argue that they are not absolutely ridiculously overpriced.

I guess it's a question of personal choice, and pride. Believe me, your kid DOES NOT know the difference in what stroller they roll, so please don't justify you wanting to be cool with what is the best for your kid. Yeah, it might be more comfortable for you to navigate, or smaller to fit in your trunk, or cooler to get the looks from other people, but it has nothing to do with the safety and well being of your kid. So cut the crap.

Thats why we spend $100K on a stupid porsche, just so we can look cool, and yes, maybe get enjoyment of driving it about 1% of the time when you can actually drive it differently than any other Honda Civic in town. As for myself, I'm pushing the green whatevertheheck brand it was around, and listen to this - my kid also loves to get in this stroller - surprise surprise! Maybe it's not the stroller, maybe it's the whole concept of being out and seeing other things, have you thought about that?

Another point to keep in mind - in Europe the streets and sidewalks look like they haven't been fixed since the bombings during the 2nd world war, and perhaps you need this thing to get around. In the USA, you'll be holding your coffee in one hand, your soda in the other (no cup holders), and trying to juggle 15 bags in the perfect marble floor of the Mall of America. And your kid won't be riding a smoother ride than the kid in the green stroller with the huge storage area full of bags underneath... :)

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I don't think the Mall really has marble floors. I think it's mostly carpet. I could be wrong. I do my best not to go there, but the unfortunate reality of retail in the Twin Cities is that there's only one place that attracts stores other than Target and Crate and Barrel. My bugaboo's wheels don't squeak there.

Hmmm. I guess someone didn't get any on prom night, and is still bitter about it. Bummer.

I wonder what he'll pick up to replace the 911/745 combo when he realizes nothing fits in them except his little johnson and overpriced golf clubs?

Anyone, anyone? Hummer H1? Anyone?

[for the record, a folded Quinny Zapp does fit it the luggage compartment of a 911. -ed.]


But what about those "15 bags" full of stuff from the mall? Methinks here will be a jacked up, and over optioned, Hemi SUV in that driveway by Christmas.

Lol... as many may know I've always been a tad "anti-bugaboo". It's not a new revelation or anything, but I think this guy's just crazy. In my opinion it was just his way of letting the world know what cars he drives without straight up saying "haha you all suck, I drive a porsche!"

I will defend my anti-buggyness by saying, for me it's not so much NOT "wanting" an $800 stroller (I'm sure they're nice and all)... but that's 6 months worth of car payments on my "non-porsche" that will be paid off next year

So for that I'll continue to drive the Safety 1st Acela and Graco Quattro Tour (which combined cost no more than $150 bucks... and be perfectly content with that, while at the same time holding no grudges towards the rest of the world :O)

I honestly think it's so stupid the way people get all twisted in a knot over the way that other people spend their money. And this guy in particular obviously cannot see through the thickness of his hypocrisy. His arguments were unoriginal and mostly based on the fact that, well, he drives an expensive, flashy car but at least he acknowledges that he's doing it for completely shallow reasons. Well, good for him. We are all convinced of his shallowness now. Hurrah!

[I think he's actually using hypocrisy as a sign of credibility on the topic. -ed.]

I don't get it....he's driving a Porsche and a Beemer, and he's BEGRUDGING the kid the price of a Bugaboo? And what about his wife - did she get a say, or does he control how she spends her allowance, too?

My husband and I first saw the Bugaboo just after it came out in the US, as a display in a baby store. We thought it was nice looking, we liked the features, but we goggled at the price tag. I'd still love to get one but we just can't justify spending that much for a stroller. (I also pine for the Xplory, Quinnys, and Mutsys.) I settled on a Zooper.

What is wrong....what is going on around us?! Why is someone hopping into a 100K car, which depreciates 30-40% the second you drive out the dealership, pooping on those who want to look good while strolling around with their baby!?

I think he imagine driving a 911 and 745, but then its just my guess! We love our Bugaboo, its a little hard to take on trips...so we bought Quinny's Zippa for trips that require air travel! anyway, I agree that we should not worry ourselves too much about how others spent their $$ If no one is willing to spend then how can some buy 911 and 745, right?! No one spend no one gets pay!

[I hadn't imagined this as a sign of larger social malaise, but you may be onto something. -ed.]

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