July 11, 2006

Worth1000.com: Pop Culture Not-For-Kids Photoshop Contest


March 2: Penguins vs Predator, a scythe-wielding, blood-covered Jiminy Cricket, the always-popular Crack Ho' Barbie. They're all wildly child-inappropriate spins on pop culture, to be sure, but for the new dad, they're also all several years off, in the unimaginable future beyond toddlerhood.

Thongies, however, are here and now.

Should you click on this at work?:
Pop Culture Monsters 8 Photoshop contest
[worth1000.com via austin statesman]


I'm pretty sure SNL did a "thongies" type spoof. Or am I being an idiot and that is where this is from?

[yep, and after only three years of photoshop tinkering, it was finally ready... -ed.]

Saturday Night Live did do a spoof about babies wearing thong diapers because regular diapers are so bulky. It was hysterical.


[the transcript is linked above. -ed,]

That's great!

Where would the poop go?

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