July 10, 2006

Vintage Commercials: All Of These Things Are Not Like The Others

1) All the babies in this early 80's Huggies commercial got the kid pretty psyched.
2) All the Transoformers in this commercial might have a similar effect--on you.
3) This Grape Nuts ["The Energy Flakes!"] ad is stunning. Can you imagine someone making an extended cinema verite-style tone poem commercial with a minimalist soundtrack these days? [OK. But can you imagine two?]
4) This Levi's ad is a totally different kind of stunning. Imagine The Music Man shot by the guy from the A-Ha video, but instead of music, it's Dacron Polyester. Weeird.


And now we know where the AFLAC goose got its start.

Fun! I love the cereal tone poem.

My favorite old Levis ad had the same jingle as this one:

but it was animated, with a guy swinging on a Tarzan rope. If anyone has come across it, I'd love a link.

The voice in the Levis ad sure sounds like Ken Nordine.


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