July 5, 2006

Oliver In A Tutu by Catherine Opie


I just thought this was a cute picture, even though, as Tyler points out, the kid is going to be "scarred for life." No dads, actually, but two moms, including artist--and UCLA professor--Catherine Opie, whose photo of her son, Oliver in a Tutu, was recently acquired by the Guggenheim Museum.

2015 update: You know, Tyler was being sarcastic at the time, and I was, too, in quoting him, but nine years on, it doesn't come through that way, and in fact, I really don't like how this sounds, even as a joke.

Also, I just heard Tyler talking with Cathie this week, and she discussed Oliver, who is now 13 or so, and sounds pretty awesome, and self-aware, and as unscarred as a teenager can be. And she also said he loves that he wore this tutu at the time, and thinks it's great. So you know what, I agree, and high five to Opie and her partner and their kids.

Maybe this is something useful I can do on Daddy Types now: go back and revisit some early early posts with the benefit of hindsight. Rate them on their correctness or effectiveness, see how they hold up.

For details and other Opie@Gugg news and images, see Modern Art Notes.


And look at that! And IKEA table in the background... also immortalized but probably not scarred...

Her images are ok. I wouldn't consider them Extremely Interesting or Important.

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