July 4, 2006

Amazon's New Deal: $10 Off Pampers + Gummibears

pampers_gummibears.jpgHm. It's already the 4th of the month, and Amazon hasn't turned up with a new $99/$30 diaper/gift certificate deal yet.

Are they all played out? Or are they just too busy promoting their new Amazon Grocery business? Seems they'll give $10 instant rebate on a $49+ Amazon Grocery order, now through August 31st. Just enter the promotional code GROCERY2 at checkout. [see complete details here, btw.]

Diapers, wipes, formula, diaper cream, baby shampoo, even some bottles, nipples, and pacifiers show up as eligible products.

Amazon Grocery orders are eligible for both free shipping and Amazon Prime, and there's apparently no limit to the number of rebates you can take. So get your one-click ready, and start breaking up your shopping list into $49 chunks.

Judging by the 20 top-selling products at the moment, new families are Amazon Grocery's favorite customers [the list is updated hourly, so YMMV]. Here's a breakdown:

  • disposable diapers: 9
  • single-serve coffee: 5
  • baby wipes: 1
  • Clif bars: 1
  • Slim Jims: 1
  • some dietary supplement: 1
  • fertility test sticks: 1
  • 5-lb bag of Gummi bears: 1

    Also note that at $50.87, Pampers ($37.87) + Gummi bears ($13.00) is about as close as you can get to the $49 minimum.

    $10 instant rebate for each $49+ order at Amazon Grocery, thru August 31st [amazon]

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