July 3, 2006

Unidentified Man Drives Eddie Bauer Stroller, Checks Out Famke Jansen


image: via goldenfiddle [correction: dt reader/stroller shark points out that the stroller is an Eddie Bauer Standalone, not a Quattro Tour as originally posted. DT regrets the error. That is still Famke Jansen, though.]


Hmmm... is that an older one? Our Quattro Tour doesn't have wheels that go in like that... just wondering.

[the front wheels are just turned a bit, not set in. Click on the pic here for a bigger bigger version -ed]

Okay... lol, now I know it's not the Quattro from seeing the bigger picture. I thought at first that it was the Eddie Bauer ITS stroller and now I know it is.

Click on the different images of the stroller and you'll see that it's the one :O)

No offense, but just so you know it's all your fault that I know this much about strollers to begin with! *wink*

[the student is now the master. well done, grasshopper. I confess, I haven't looked at an Eddie Bauer stroller in over a year. -ed.]

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