July 3, 2006

Their Low Mercury Content Makes Daddy Types Advertisers Safe For Your Consumption

A shoutout to this week's Daddy Types advertisers, who are working to keep mercury out of our fish, Raffi out of our heads, and tacky schlock out of our kid's rooms:

  • Oceana's Green List works with consumers and grocery stores to provide accurate information about mercury content in the fish we eat. Pregnant sushi lovers take note.
  • Kindermusik works with parents and kids to increase the boo-tay shaking quotient in the kids we raise. Pregnant music lovers take note.
  • Harper Collins works with parents and friends of parents-to-be to increase the Goodnight Moon quotient on the nursery bookshelves we stock. Pregnant book lov--hey, isn't this site for friends of pregnant people, too?
  • Sparkability works with people with babies and credit cards to decrease the alarming schlock levels that plague our kid- and baby-centered lives. Anyone, pregnant or not, who loves good design, take note.
  • Jolie's Baby Boutique works with chic people with credit cards to improve the levels of chicness in the closets we dress our kids and pregnant people out of. Fashion lovers take note.

    And if you have a cause or a product that new dads, dads-to-be, and their entourages should be deeply concerned about, consider advertising on daddytypes.com. And if you want to take the message to dads of all kinds, jump on the Dad Ads Dadblog bandwagon today. Or tomorrow, even. Ad networks don't have national holidays.

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