July 3, 2006

Running The Numbers: Micralite's US Invasion Starts August 1

micralite_fastfold.jpgIn the global logistics industry, quantities are often discussed in terms of shipping containers. The volume of a 20-foot container [about 39 m^3] is called a Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, or TEU. A 40-foot container is two TEU's, or one FEU. And two 40-foot containers stuffed with Micralite Fastfold strollers is one NU, or Nirvana Unit.

Assuming each 100x40x40cm for each boxed stroller, that NU could disperse somewhere upwards of 750 Micralites across the country, enough to send dads and dads-to-be into an inquisitive frenzy when the rigs start showing up on the street.

I asked a friend at Micralite's new US distributor, euro-baby.us, what the deal was with Micralites, and he reports that the first two containers are nearly pre-sold out to current euro-baby dealers:

we should have them in the US by August 1st. They just passed all the ASTM standards, and are now ready to be shipped. We will be bringing them in 2 colors...black and red, initially.

Only current dealers (those retailers currently carrying euro-baby products, ie., The Red Castle Sport Carrier’Ķor the Geuther Family High Chair) will be receiving shipments of Micralites to sell from the first 2 containers. Most of the dealers listed on our website have already placed orders, and should have them as soon as they land and are distributed.

There's a big consumer campaign in mid-August [hmm, I wonder if they'll advertise on dadblogs...] so stay tuned, and check euro-baby.us for a dealer near you--or near a UPS truck, in the event you'll need to have one shipped to you.

Be prepared for a bit of import sticker shock, though. While the complete Micralite with carrycot runs £269 in the UK [vs the Bugaboo's £500 UK price tag), the US number I remembered from JPMA for the Micralite started with a "6" or nearly a full Bugaboo Gecko Unit.

euro-baby and micralite corporate sites [euro-baby.us, micralite.com]
previously: Micralite: Stroller-gami


That Micra is nice, but you've got to love the Chariot CX-1 for versatility. Stroller and trailer.


Ugh! If you're piloting the CX-1 you had better be running your ass off or pulling that sucker behind a bike. Hell it's big enough you might need an Excursion to pull it. The CX is a sweet ride but Please Please use your jogging strollers for jogging only.

Just received a Micralite through an overseas auction TODAY. A mere 0.4 BGU- footmuff and rain shield included.

First Impressions
- Looks like it could replace the shuttle and head for LEO all on its lonesome!
- A little tricky to securely close, but can be done one-handed - will get better with practice
- It does stand securely upright when folded
- the one-bar driving handle is nice
- Part of the closure procedure requires one end of the canopy brace to disengage from the frame; not intuitive
- big honkin' back tires - air-filled
- even the small tires in the front are bigger/wider than Maclaren wheels
- It's a little bigger than pictures imply
- edging is super-reflective
- 'skylight' velcro window lets you peek in
- undercarriage storage holds little more than 1 diaper bag
- the maclaren universal organizer hangs nicely off the back
- a bit tippy if baby's not in it, but not as much as the lighter maclarens
- little CJ looks adorable in it! :)

the skip hop diaper bag fits nicely too. the hood is a little useless as a sun shade, but the 'protect a bub' sun shade works well.

travel tip: buy a $2 bungee cord for securing the stroller once folded. the small plastic clip will probably sheer when man-handled by the airline ground crew.

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