July 2, 2006

eBay Finds: Vintage Fisher Price

When the kid goes to Grammy's house, she heads straight for the toy room under the stairs like all the older cousins--and plays non-stop with the old Fisher-Price Little People. You know, the little choking hazard ones. They're not like the ones I played with as a kid; they are the ones I played with as a kid, and my brothers and sisters, too.

Anyway, since no one these days would ever let his kid play with these classic toys, there's really no sense in even mentioning them. Or to point out that they vary in price depending on the condition, the completeness of a set, and the brightness of the lithograph/decals. Or that sets with original boxes command a hefty premium:


Nope, no need to mention the Fisher-Price parking garage, which has that elevator with the bell, and that turntable and exit ramp, which goes for $20-50 (including shipping), and up to $80 w/box.

And definitely no need to mention the Fisher-Price farm, which makes that "moo" sound when you open the door, and where you store everything in that silo. I bet those fences are considered dangerous somehow, too.

Don't get one of these Fisher-Price houses near your kid, either. If they don't choke on the little dog, they'll drive you crazy with the doorbell. So why spend $40 on it now?


And forget about this giant Sesame Street set, too; spend $60+ and even if you manage to explain who Mr. Hooper is, the kid'll still be wondering why there's no Elmo. [Waitaminnit, Elmo-free Sesame Street? I'd pay double for that.]


All that said, you could do worse than to start your budding turntablist off with one of these: a record player-like music box. [Hey, two obsolete sound technologies in one!]


Oh I used to love those fisher price little people, such fond memories. Man I did not realize they no longer made them, will definately have to keep my eye on ebay when the kid gets older.

Who knew that garage we play with every day is worth so much. Garage sales are a gold mine.

Wow, I loved playing with that garage! I remember using it w/ my hotwheels and race tracks well past pre-school age. And the farm w/ the moo sound - what a hoot! I can hear it now :)

My other favorite btw was the castle w/ the jail at the bottom of the spire where there was that sneakly little trap door. That castle was used as the fortress for many many Army Men wars well past it's "recommended for ages 3-6".

For a split second I thought about saving my kids toys for 30 yrs to see what they would be worth, but I don't think a video game disc or online world charater will have the same cache...

My daughter just moved into her big girl bunk bed and the FP house lives at the foot of the bottom bunk. This morning I found her favorite dolly (a Yoshitomo Nara Black Guard Angel that mommy bought for herself at the museum but that baby girl instantly absconded with) and a mini Mr Potato Head inside. Interestingly, she does not lay on the doorbell much.

Dammit. You are evil. I have to stop reading your blog now.

The farm! I loved the farm! I was just talking w/my mother-in-law last week about the cool Fisher-Price toys from the 1970's -- the record player, the farm, a small portable desk with magnets for spelling, the wooden cobbler bench, the pull-toy xylophone -- wow, such memories of nice, simple toys that are virtually non-exisistent now. *Sigh*

I still have my Sesame Street set, just like that one -- and I'm not even tempted to sell it. I am tempted to buy a schoolhouse, and a school bus, and maybe even just bags of people in bulk.

I am very tempted to get the turntable music box. I had this very one when I was a child, and as I try to recall songs from my childhood to sing to my 11-month-old during car rides, I found myself remembering this toy and wondering what ever happened to it.

Like everyone else, I remember playing with all those toys as a kid. Whoda thunk they'd all be collectors items someday?

I loved those Little People play sets! I window shopped Ebay for them while I was pregnant, but decided to wait until the baby was a bit older before buying them. I guess she'd do just fine with them now with supervised play. Thanks for the links!

We have the farm, two houses, a zoo, the garage and the sesame street house here... and I can remember setting up the whole town when I was little. It might be worth that much on ebay, but the memories are priceless to me :O)

I had the Little People Castle. I'm 31 and I am STILL angry at my mom for donating it to a nursery school when I was in my teens. It was the best. I've shopped for it on eBay but none are in perfect condition.

I also had some Sesame Street Little People figures but I guess we were too poor to buy Sesame Street. I got a lot of handmedown toys from my 5+ year older cousins so I had a bunch of the houses so I used to pretend that they were a neighborhood or an orphanage.

the sesame street house! the parking garage! the CASTLE!! i didn't think 28 was old, but seeing my old toys listed as "vintage" kind of stabs you in the gut a bit. although i was probably the 3rd kid to play with this as everything i had growing up was a hand-me-down. but man, the castle. what memories. my mother also sold these at a yard sale. so sad.

speaking of things sold at yardsales? anyone remember the sesame street books you bought at the grocery store? there were 13 or 15 in the set, a new one out each week/month? my mom sold these too, but regretted it so much she spent forever looking through used bookstores to re-buy the set. i have one and she's working on a set for my brother for when he's a daddy. gotta say, i LOVE reading these to my daughter. i laugh more than she does, and my husband thinks i'm wierd. it's wonderful :)

I had the garage, camper van, 'plane and street/town - I didn't even remember the latter until I saw it at Christmas. Here's my daughter and mum playing with the base of the camper van, with the street in the background. She spent forever loading all the people onto the base of the van and dragging it around, we called it 'Natalie plays illegal immigrants'. And then she spent more forever putting every single person on the toilet from the camper van - the only thing the modern Little People are good for, apparently, going to the toilet in their anodyne little house.

I have a home daycare where we play w. 90% "retro" toys - vintage Fisher Price playsets are a staple. They sincerely "just don't make 'em like they used to!" Toddlers up to 10 yr. olds love the little sets - and no batteries required! Children interact with each other while playing and imaginations are sparked!

Too cool. I was just remeniscing with my mum about these toys today! I had the farm, the turntable, and the garage, and a cool campervan with a boat as the roof. All these toys got passed to my youngest sister then given away - I just wish I could give them to my son to play with. I was in Toys R Us today and the new toys aren't even a patch on these vintage ones. I might just have to go look on eBay....

I own the garage and now my son of 4 is playing with it! 35 years! And the bell is still working, the lift goes up and down. That is what I call quality!

I have a 1960's- 1980's F.P. collection that I'm
interested in selling as a whole,( approx.175pc)
I have been researching Indiv. worth through internet and get overwhelmed. I have a list of these toys if interested contact me soon.
Thank you, I live in Townsend Tn.

Hi Micki!
Do you still have FP little people toys? I am looking for the castle with all the accessories.
Best regards!

I will take anything! I still have a Fisher Price garage from our last daughter, but no cars and only one little man. Now she has an 18 month old daughter and twin girls on the way!!! I would love to have the farm, Sesame St., the record player/music box, the house, etc. Let me know what's available out there. Thanks so much.

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