June 30, 2006

eBay I Don't Blog About--Until I Win It

cp_magnifying_glass_stool.JPGI hope no one thinks that I'm just linkin' to stuff on eBay because it makes mad money [it doesn't, although if someone would've bought that AMG E55 wagon...]. No, I like to link stuff that a) is cool and useful and interesting, b) that's not so obviously available somewhere else, and c) that I'm not bidding on myself.

Now that I won it, let me point out the awesomeness that I expect come my kid's way, thanks to this vintage Creative Playthings magnifying glass stool. It's the kind of thing I'd never thought about before, but that I suddenly had to get the kid as soon as I saw it.

We'll be "watching" ants on the sidewalk in a just a few days, but the real educational fun will come during our summer vacation: a cross-country tour of overbuilt hillside subdivisions adjacent to drought-stricken national parks.

Antique magnifying stool..creative playthings N.J.


Looks like a huge ouija piece...

"watching" ants... right... with that lens you could vaporize them!

Uhmmm... "shagpadauction?????"

[lol, i am the proud owner of shagpad.com, you know, est. 1999, during a phone call with a friend at the Austin Powers premier party in Cannes. I forget sometimes. -ed.]

Awesome -- I totally remember this from when I was a kid.

Looks cool, but be sure not to put it near a window in your house or you may have a date with a fire extinguisher.

Wow, this is really cool. There's a similar table at the local children's museum but it is more industrial... Good score!

I wasn't reading - just glanced at the picture and thought it was an Eames-ish potty chair.

You got a good price on that lovely little stool. How neat!

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