June 29, 2006

Sinus Kids Table & Chairs From Lama Collection


I'm not sure how Lama Concept and Sinus work as brand names in Dutch, but I don't think you'll be mixing these tables and chairs up with any other Sinus kids furniture any time soon.

Not a lot of info on Lama Concept, but from the look of it, these chairs are made of laminate and bolt together with an Allen wrench. That means they should pack nice and flat for shipping--assuming they're in production and you can actually buy them, that is.

Design*Sponge gushed about them last year, and a couple of their smaller products are available at dutchbydesign.com, but that's all I got at the moment. That, and a bit of craving for some Sinus furniture.

Lama Collection [lamaconcept.nl via jan from kidsrepublic.nl]

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