June 29, 2006

Bugaboo Rocks Rad, New, UV Mesh Canopies & Rain Covers


I saw these at JPMA, but there weren't any images available, so I've kept kind of mum. But now that I've been sweating like a madman the last couple of days, it makes me think global warming's made it too hot for straight fleece, even in the North Sea-adjacent Netherlands.

Because Bugaboo's introducing these sweet alternate canopy covers for the Cameleon which have UV-resistant mesh insets. And there's a reflective UV mesh shade that covers the whole rig, so you don't have to embarass yourself with one of those floppy hoop skirt sunshades anymore. AND, there's a new rain cover, too.

These all continue the ribbed pod theme of the original canopy, and I have to say, I think it works. If for no other reason than that I've never managed to get the current terrarium-like rain cover installed properly. Please don't explain how to do it, or point me to the manual; I know it's in there, but honestly, it's not like you put that thing on in advance. And who's gonna be rooting around for a manual when you're heading out the door? The structure on these new covers looks good and legible, so maybe even a blockhead like me can figure it out.

Pricing and launch dates are TBA, AFAIK. I guess I could email someone... jussec... [image via jan from kidrepublic.nl]


It kind of looks like the canopy on the elusive orbitbaby carseat (but orbitbaby is just a myth).

[d'oh! -ed.]

Hmm. Not knowing how to put a raincover on a bugaboo must be a male thing.

My husband and I had an argument about it one a rainy day in New York, he his I-skydive-and-mountian-climb-and- have-an-engineering-degree-and-so- can-manage-any-sort-of-equipment- especially-our-froggy self put it on upside-down, despite my protests to the contrary. But oh, when we were stopped by a helpful orange-froggy momma near NYU who explained to us in a concerned way that we had the thing on upside down (very politely refraining from busting a gut at how ridiculous it looked), and proceeded to fix it for us, well, then he was properly chastised.

Our daughter hates the damn thing, and when we were on the subway, she proceeded to force her entire body through the tiny airflap, much to the amusement of our fellow passengers (there happened to be a chihuahua doing the same thing in its travelling bag).

Did Bugaboo ever fix the carseat adapter problem?

[you mean about adapters not fitting 2006 carseats? As of March, the SafeSeat seems fine; haven't heard about the Peg Perego yet. -ed.]

The 2006 Peg Perego adaptors will be in stores by mid-August, so promises Bugaboo New York.

Just purchased the Cameleon this week in Switzerland and was informed that this cover would be arriving, at least in Europe, in the next few weeks. I cannot wait as this seems far better than the parasol. Hopefully they will arrive stateside soon. Also was given a Bugaboo tire pressure gauge as there have been problems with people overinflating the tires.

The store manager also mentioned that next year Bugaboo would be introducing a cup holder accessory-I currently have a Safety 1st flip down cup holder attached over the safety strap as a temporary solution.

I can confirm that the Grace Safe Seat works fantasticly well with the adaptor. It can even rock, unlike the Maxi Cosi adaptor. The manager was impressed having never seen the US carseat or adaptor.

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