June 28, 2006

More From The About-Damn-Time Dept.: Threadless T-shirts For Kids

threadless_kids_t.jpgFinally, finally, finally, Threadless, the awesome, kinda open source purveyors of cool t-shirts, has introduced designs for kids, too. So far, there are ten designs, and they're each $17.

While I'd be happiest if they made a kid-sized option available on their regular stream of designs, I can appreciate the need for baby steps as they test out this new market. Hopefully, they'll see the fact that nearly all their kids shirt designs have sold out in the smallest sizes--4 and 6 at the moment--and realize that desperate parents are buying them for their 2-year-olds, too, even if they run the risk of getting kicked out of malls for dressing like a gangbanger with shirts down to their knees. [I invite any nervous law enforcement officials to click on any child's picture, though, and see the harmless grownup nerd these Threadless babies will become.]


My favorite, "So far, this is the oldest I have ever been," is nearly sold out completely. [As you may know, Threadless prints in limited runs, then when enough people ask for a design, they reprint it.]

I can totally see why the smallest size for these two designs haven't sold out yet, though: "HI" [don't talk to strangers] and Rayguns [no guns, and that includes rayguns].

Threadless for Kids [threadless.com via dt reader naomi]

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I was ticked that there was no 2T offered but here's what we discovered. We got the "Cookies Love Milk" (sold out but excellent: ), "Teddy Bear loves Teddy Boy" and "Heart Destroy" in sz 4 for our two year old girl (who is still wearing mostly 18-24 sizes) and they are surprisingly not too massive. You can tell she is wearing a skirt underneath- no baggy nightshirt look. I don't even have to roll up the sleeves. I would definitely advise parents of boys and, uh, bigger-boned kids to buy a size up.

Plus she likes matching mommy and daddy as much as we like being big stinking dorks who dress up like kids.

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