June 28, 2006

Bizarre Book Contest: Love You Forever


Title:Love You Forever
Author/Illustrator: Robert N. Munsch, Sheila McGraw
Reviewed by: Steph at MomSquawk

"...Then the son is a grown man, living elsewhere. Whats a mom to do? She gets a ladder, climbs into his bedroom window, hoists him out of bed, and rocks him on her lap, still singing that song...." [read the full review at MomSquawk]

Another entry by Robert Munsch?


We got this book as a baby gift, too, and it does freak me out considerably. My husband has nightmares about moms (his or mine) coming through the window...

My step mother gave this to us, and she said she cried when she read it. My wife said she got teary too. But i'm with you -- i just got weirded out. who wants their mom to drive across town, sneak into your bachelor's pad apartment and hold you on their lap? what if you were having a one-night stand? yikes.

I also got this a baby gift, and I agree, it is very, very creepy. Mom needs a hobby.

Something's not quite right with this Munsch dude.

Dang...this was going to be my entry! Freak-o-rama.

This was the first book that popped into my head, too. The image of that grandma with the ladder...hmmmm. But I didn't have the heart to send it in after I read this:


Did you know he makes audio versions of all of his books available on his website?

I have thought this was totally creepy since the first time I heard it, read aloud at a "mother daughter tea" I attended...I have been so thrilled to NOT recieve this as a baby gift, and hope I do not...this is one gift I will definately no keep.

We actually did a bit on this in church for mother's day when I was in HS, except we played the "mom drives across town" bit for laughs, so I guess I never really thought of it in terms of creepy. I guess it really is all about first impressions.

We always refer to this as the "creepy baby book" whenever we read it to our daughter.

Yeah, we got this as a gift too. Clearly it's speaking to people in the store or we wouldn't all have received it. But it's messed up. She crawls into his room when he's a teenager too, and the book would have you believe he's sleeping. But you know a real kid would wake up, so you look at this creepy picture and can't help but believe he's pretending to be asleep. Ugh.

I think we've made a lot of progress today, congratulations to the whole group.

We actually recieved 3 copies of this book! Each one had a personal message from the gift giver about how much this book meant to them. I found the book kinda weird but really what can I do with 3 personalized copies?

That mother's Irish.

Or Japanese... there's a definite first-born son vibe there.

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