June 28, 2006

The Mercedes B-for-Bugaboo-Class

I like to check in on Mercedes Benz Canada every once in a while, mostly because they have the Smart and the B-Class, and I want them. According to their own marketing--specifically, the new B-Class microsite, theanswerisb.ca--the B-Class is...
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2008 Acura MDX Spy Shots

WorldCarFans has spyshots of a very lightly disguised production version of the 2008 Acura MDX, which it reports will go on sale in early 2007. Major changes include big wheel well flares--oh, wait, that's kind of minor--a longer wheelbase, and...
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UK Gov't Database To Get All Up In Your Kid's Biznazz

I've never been able to jibe Britain's obsession with installing closed-circuit cameras everywhere with any notion of freedom and non-authoritarian government, but apparently most of HM The Queen's subjects are quite able to hold onto the illusion, thank you very...
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DT Bizarre Book Contest: Little Fur Family

Title: Little Fur Family Author/Illustrator: Margaret Wise Brown, Garth Williams Reviewed by: Eric This may be the strangest children's book I've ever had the pleasure of reading to my 18 month old son 1,000X in a row, by request. It's...
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DT Bizarre Book Contest: The Lonely Doll

Title: The Lonely Doll Author/Illustrator: Dare Wright Reviewed by: Marjorie Holy moly, is this book freaky. It was originally published in the '50s, and features sinister (to me, though not to my four-year-old!) black-and-white photos and a dreamy, S&M-like feeling...
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Q. How Does The Media Talk About Adoption? A. Awkwardly

Reporter Sara Kiesler takes a look at how references to adoption are and aren't relevant to stories in the media. And given that a third of the US population has adoption experience "within their immediate families," she has some suggestions...
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Bizarre Book Contest: Love You Forever

Title:Love You Forever Author/Illustrator: Robert N. Munsch, Sheila McGraw Reviewed by: Steph at MomSquawk "...Then the son is a grown man, living elsewhere. Whats a mom to do? She gets a ladder, climbs into his bedroom window, hoists him...
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This Is How We Roll: Great Plains Edition

A DT reader from gun country sent this in. He spotted it outside the local hospital. "Hopefully this isn't some newborn's ride home," he says of the Browning Special Edition Polaris Sportsman 700 outfitted with an Oshkosh infant carseat...
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Block Toys On eBay From Creative Playthings To Naef

This Creative Playthings wooden puzzle box just went up on eBay; it's $6 (+$8 shipping) right now, but it's the kind of thing that can go quite a bit higher, I'm afraid. On the other hand, the auction ends...
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Rocker From Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle

Jacques Tati's classic 1958 film, Mon Oncle, was a Keaton/Chaplin-esque comedy about the sterile perils of technology, modernity and consumerism and the decline of simpler, dirtier, slightly stupider, but ultimately happier good old days. Tati plays Monsieur Hulot, a...
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More From The About-Damn-Time Dept.: Threadless T-shirts For Kids

Finally, finally, finally, Threadless, the awesome, kinda open source purveyors of cool t-shirts, has introduced designs for kids, too. So far, there are ten designs, and they're each $17. While I'd be happiest if they made a kid-sized option available...
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