June 27, 2006

Metal Concept Kitchen On Sale At MoMA Store


You thought those books were crazy, these toy prices are INSANE!!!

MoMA's online store is having a toy sale, and this steel and plastic [eh] concept kitchen from Groupe Berchet is gender neutral, has a bunch of battery operated features like a fan sound and a task light, and comes with a whole slew of pots and pans and stuff. If that's not enough, it was made in France.

It was originally $165, but now it's less than half price, $80. Museum members even get 10% off that, $72.

Metal Concept Kitchen, $79.95 [momastore.com via dt reader christy]
Also on sale: Takashi Murakami plushtoys, orig. $65, now $40; and the Good Wood Gang by Friends With You, was $35, now $20. There are several Naef blocks, too, but they're only like 10% off.


This looks like something from Mon oncle. ;-)

Larger picture.

[haha, nice catch, I hadn't thought of Tati, but you're absolutely right. -ed.]

I bought this kitchen off the clearance table at The Right Start for $60. The kid (18 mos) is insane about it. Honestly, it looks better than those country kitchen Step 2 kitchens. Ick.

[still, if it's on such steep markdown, I wonder why people aren't embracing the concept... -ed.]

Thanks for the post. Love the kitchen. Hopped right on the internet and bought one for our 9 month old. Okay so we will have to store it for a while. I really like the fact that more than one child can use at same time as design is circular rather than linear.

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