June 26, 2006

Salon Gets All Carson Daly For 'Kindie Rock'

You say Grup Music, Salon says Kindie Rock, let's call the whole thing off. Salon's Scott Lamb takes a look at kids music that parents don't hate, including a bunch of Dan Zanes collaborators [Nick Cave, Natalie Merchant, Lou Reed,...
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Nest: Kids Furniture So Eco-Friendly, Even The Name Is Recycled

Will and Laura Wear wanted to create design for kids that was both modern and whimsical, cool and environmentally sustainable, and that can be easily recycled [although they'd just as soon you keep the stuff through college.] For their...
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Thanks To The Baby Bunch, America Now More Like UK Than Ever

You remember how, first they had a king, and then we had to have a king? And how they obsess over David Beckham, and then we obsess over David Beckham? And how they think Bean is funny, and so we--OK,...
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VW Passat Wagon: The Jalopnik Review

Not to steal their thunder by quoting the last paragraph, but Jalopnik's started one of their 3-part reviews on the new VW Passat Wagon 2.0L, the near-base version of the car that some reviewers think thinks its an Audi:...this is...
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2006 Daddy Types Contest: Bizarre Children's Books

I got a copy of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel for Father's Day. it was a book I loved reading as a kid, and now I can read it with my kid. Of course, going through the first few...
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Team Eisner Buys Team Baby

ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner's investment company just announced it has acquired Team Baby Entertainment, which makes college sports-themed educational [sic] DVD's for infants and toddlers. Among the officially licensed videos in the series so far:Baby Irish (Notre Dame), Baby...
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Japanese Love Baseball, But Not Home Runs

Researchers have concluded that Japan's alarmingly low birth rate is caused by an alarmingly lower having sex rate. Well, there's your problem right there [reuters/yahoo via tmn]...
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The "Throw Your Kids In The Air!" Photopool On Flickr

It's just what it sounds like. Throw your kids in the air! [flickr via dt reader christy, who assures me there was a pile of leaves in this picture, you just can't see it.]...
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