June 25, 2006

Random/Interesting Kids Stuff On eBay


Whether vintage, hard-to-find, or just a good deal, interesting eBay auctions show up here at daddytypes from time to time. And when they don't, I try to find them myself for your shoppertainment:

  • First off, the Creative Playthings hobby horse that everybody loves--but nobody buys--is available (again) for $195, $400, or $600. [results: the $195 one sold! one down...]
  • Those vintage Cosco kid chairs are getting cheaper and cheaper more expensive: here's one ending June 27, just $21 shipped, and no bids so far. Meanwhile, someone's getting This one for just $5.99 right now. [but it ends June 29.] [results: the first one--which had a little cushion--actually went for $58+$11s/h. the second--which didn't--went for $56+s/h.]
  • Kid, schmid, you say? There's a circa 1972 Hans Wegner rocking chair for $850+Greyhound shipping. They're $1,600 new, but I'm sure this dealer bought it for a dollar. [result: no result, it's still for sale.]
  • The real score this week was this book I'd never heard of, How To Make Children's Furniture and Play Equipment by Mario Dal Fabbro. Dal Fabbro apparently worked for mid-century modernist designer Paul McCobb, but he's most famous for his series of How To books, including How To Make Modern Furniture and How To Make Built-in Furniture. The only reason I'm linking to this auction is for the scans; at $20 with two days to go, it's already way over the prices for the same 1963 edition on alibris or Amazon [I just ordered it for $4.] It was written 10 years before the CPSC, so I'm sure the crib is considered a deathtrap now, but there's a cool-looking chair, and check out the Naef blocks on the storage cabinet [above]. I can't find any real info on Dal Fabbro or the books that's not from a bookseller; if anyone has or knows this book, definitely drop me a line. [result: ??? $46+$4s/h. wha? in the same time, 10 people have bought much cheaper copies via Amazon. congrats to everyone who helps a 40yo out-of-print book's Amazon ranking climb 2 million spots-from 4mm to 2mm.]
  • And last, for no reason at all, this 2005 Mercedes Benz AMG E55 Wagon has just 12k miles on it and is certified pre-owned from an Oakland M-B dealer. It's also loaded with $12,000 in options, and is just waiting for your opening bid at $72,000. The invoice on a comparably equipped 2006 is around $88,000, so in a way, it's like opening your glove compartment and finding $16,000 in free money. [result: eh, no bidders.]
  • Whoops, I forgot the Creative Playthings SLED OF DEATH [below]. Bidding's at $35 right now, shipped. It ends June 28. Sorry. [result: wow, $39+14s/h.]


    Greg, just so you know, the link to the Sled of Death leads back to that book auction.

    [thanks, i fixed it now. -ed.]

    So, I see this post on here, as I've been perusing daddytypes.com in anticipation of the first little bundle of joy arriving late next month. I click through to the "sled of death" ebay auction. I find it humorous, and like the typical American with too little to do with his time, I e-mail the auction off to a few friends.

    15 minutes ago FedEx arrives with a large yet strangely light package from some dude in Illinois.

    Yes, I'm now the proud owner of the SLED OF DEATH, thanks to a good "friend" who took this auction to its culmination. Not quite sure, yet, what to do with the little bugger. It sure is pretty, though.

    Once the little tyke is old enough to hit the slopes -- I figure 2 years is old enough -- we'll take this sucker up to Whistler or perhaps to Aspen, where a good time will surely be had by all.

    [lolol, that is great. I just hope it doesn't mean your "friend" actually hates your unborn child. Good luck with that -ed.]

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