June 22, 2006

Mutsy Coming To US; Crown Prince Haakon Of Norway Still Checking His Calendar

mutsy_urban_rider1.jpgIf you thought that Mutsy strollers were reserved solely for future Scandinavian kings to push around on Spanish beaches, think again. The stroller that Haakon Crown Prince of Norway made famous [around here anyway, never mind that Mutsy's been in business almost as long as Norway's even had a king] is coming to American beaches sometime this year.

Here's what Mutsy reps told a DT reader today who asked about US availability:

From: Carlo Verre [XXXXXXXX@mutsy.nl]
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2006
To: A DT reader who's proactive about managing his vanity Google search results
Subject: RE: A message from Mutsy.com

We are planning to introduce Mutsy before the end of this year, the exact
date will be published on our website.
Kind regards,
Carlo Verre

On a totally unrelated topic, the exact date of the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas is Sept 10-14.

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