June 22, 2006

Huggable Urns


Lori Lemons' soon-to-be ex-husband is on trial for first-degree murder in the shaking death of the couple's two-month-old daughter NaKita last October. He told detectives he could not get the baby to stop crying.

Mrs. Lemons found a teddybear-shaped urn to hold her ashes, which she now takes with her everywhere she goes, including to the trial.

Mrs. Lemons told the Detroit Free Press, "My son has taken naps with her, and I dress her up for the holidays like she's still part of the family -- she's just in a bear form."

The teddy bears are made by Huggable Urns, and cost from $85-99 before any personalization. [A bear-sized t-shirt with military insignia on it costs $19.95, for example.] There are also puppy and kitty options for pets' remains, and pillows for adult-sized remains, which appear to be a bit too voluminous for the bears.

Since I have already posted once this week about memory-stuffed teddy bears, the only thing I'll add is that men are far more likely to shake babies than women, so if you ever have the impulse or urge to shake a baby, just walk away. As for the urge to put someone's ashes in a plush toy, I really got nothing.

Mom finds a way to hold on to lost baby [freep.com via dt reader ponch]
Huggable Urns’Ѣ [huggableurns.com]


I'll add my PR - I read a few weeks ago that serious damage can be done to a baby's brain with only five seconds of shaking. Just don't do it.

As for the rest, I got nothing either. Bizarre and sad.

I really can't judge becuase I could never even begin to imagine what that woman is going through.

MommaSteph is right, don't shake any kid. My wife had a patient a few years ago that was a shaken baby, on life support, and was determined to be brain dead. The father, who shook the kid, actually enlisted the help of a high profile pro-life attorney to fight the hospital and the mom to keep them from turning life support off. Because if they did that he gets charged with murder (dad's actual argument was some BS stating the kid still had some brain function). Seeing how this is Texas and our judges are elected, the judge ruled for dad and the kid is now in a permanet vaegatative state in a long term care facility (being paid for by the state). Dad is still in jail and will be for a long time but not for murder.

Sweet, I originally thought this post might be just one of those odd diversions, and it's actually been haunting me as a serious buzzkill.

I still can't get over the teddy bear urn, though; I really think if someone wants to do this, they should just do it themselves, with a heavyduty bag from somewhere (ask at the funeral home, maybe?) and the kid's own favorite stuffed toy. Still odd, but it's got a lot more personal connection--and hence, emotional logic of a sort--than some Internet bear urn...

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