June 21, 2006

Your Post-Vasectomy Reversal Boys Can Swim, But What Happens When They Get There?

A study by university researchers in Bangkok shows that post-vasectomy, the incidence of sperm with chromosomal abnormalities such aneuploidy or diploidy [different numbers of certain chromosomes, or a full double set, respectively] increases dramatically.

Post-vasectomy? Those guys are out of a job anyway, so who cares if they're abnormal, right? Right. Well, it turns out those abnormalities persist after a vasectomy reversal, too.

It hasn't been studied yet, so no one knows whether this increases the risks during pregnancy or for children born after a vasectomy reversal. Still, you might just want to mention it to the family obstetrician all the same.

Chromosomal abnormalities in sperm higher after vasectomy reversal
[eurekalert via robotwisdom]

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