June 20, 2006

Priceless: USB Found In Headless Bear


"No es facil coser una memoria USB al cuerpo de un oso de peluche." Ah, truer words have rarely been tacked onto a flickr photo: "It is not easy to sew a USB memory stick into a plush bear."

But as Sergio shows us, love makes us do hard things sometimes. And we are all obliged to get some glue, some thread, some USB memory sticks, and some plush toys, and start decapitating them in a grand gesture of devotion to our own loved ones. But if not for Love, then for History.

Just make sure it's not your kid's favorite toy, or the casual decaptitation and "stuck in mommy's 'puter" things might really freak him out.

Camuflando un lapiz USB en un oso de peluche [Sergio de Ana's photoset on flickr via engadget]


Ok, this just BEGS for some investigative reporting. There has to be an impressive and highly entertaining story behind the thought process that led someone to sew a USB card into a teddy bear and then stick it in their computer.

[the guy added a bit of explanation in Spanish after his photoset got blogged to death. -ed.]

We have a USB Hub made out of a foot-tall Godzilla statue in our home office, but a portable USB card in a stuffed Bear? I hope Customs is paying attention...

Well crap, I can't get to flickr through my work filters, I'll just have to sit on pins and needles for the mystery to get resolved when I can get on from home...the suspense will kill me!

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