June 15, 2006

Daddy Types About Advertisers A Bit Early This Week So You Can Win $25K

Remember back in the day when you had to pay all that money to get access to Daddy Types content? Yeah, that didn't last. You three should watch out for a replacement subscription to La Leche Ledger to show up real soon. Meanwhile, let's give a giant Woot Woot to the advertisers who help keep this site free:

  • ModernSeed, who suggests you check out their exclusive, reissued Alexander Girard designs and other modernist finery at their site. Also, they suggest you try calling your kid "The Mini[TM]."
  • The Shops at Celebrity Baby Blog: you can't see them, but you'll be bumping shopping cart icons up against a dozen Starbuck's-toting celebrity parent shoppers.
  • Sparkability, who's current idea of "better things for kids" involves a lot of sweet, sweet riding toys. So get off your butt, close your laptop, and start chasing that Likeabike around.
  • Kindermusik music and movement classes: the kid and I ate at Ikea on the road last night. There was live jazz. She was transfixed, and I felt guilty for not giving her more music classes earlier. Just saying...
  • Woot Woot? Snorgling? Muzzlepuffs? You say you're just barely learning what meconium is, and here's some advertiser with more new lingo? Let me help: it's a daily contest/treasure hunt/blog from Budget Rent A Car that offers chances to win $25,000. That translates to 28 Bugaboo Units, or one semester's tuition at Harvard for the class of 2027.

    If you're hip to the dad lingo, and you've got something useful and valuable for the daddytypes audience, consider advertising at daddytypes. And if you want to reach even more dads of all flavors and stripes, check out DadAds, the dadblog network.

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    I'm pretty sure 25K won't get you a semester at Harvard today, let alone 2027. I don't think you can even go to BU today for 25K.

    {i only meant tuition, but I confess, I haven't checked the prices lately. ed-]

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