June 14, 2006

Sweeeet Danish Kid Gear From Collect Furniture


Collect Furniture debuted a sweet range of modernist-inspired kids furniture at the Copenhagen International Furniture Fair last month, including stackable chairs and stools--that stool has wheels on the seat, and it turns upside-down into a little scooter--a chalkboard-surfaced frame table with a Rudolph Schindler-esque webbed armchair, a sweeet, sweet crib made with beautiful joinery and natural canvas side panels, and some weird/fun-looking enclosed banquette thing that kids have to climb into.




Their website doesn't have retail information at all yet, but judging by the way those kids are climbing all over that furniture, and jumping off the table tops, Collect has not engaged a US-style product liability attorney yet, so I don't think they're coming here anytime soon.

Collect Furniture [collectfurniture.dk via jan at kidsrepublic.nl]

1 Comment

That stool is pretty neat, but it would be cool if the wheels someone recessed back into the stool when it was right-side-up (which it doesn't appear to do)... I could just see my daughter standing on it, stepping on the wheel and taking a spill.

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