June 12, 2006

Celebrity Dad Gets New Whips

mathowies_whips.jpgGuess that Element was too loud after all. And according to Matt's comments in his flickr photostream, even with its vaunted hose-out-ability, it's not as convenient as the Ridgeline for hauling dirt.

In any case, it's good when a marketing plan comes together and the Ridgeline hits its "cool dads" target demographic.

As for the other whip, I have to confess, if it ain't Mac, I don't know jack. Is that a Chicco Caddy?

Whips [mathowie's photos on flickr]
Previous DT discussion of the Ridgeline and the Element


As I recall, the Ridgeline is built on the Honda Odyssey minivan chassis.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

So I'm not saying...

I'm just saying...

We actually do have a MacClaren now (a green quest I think) -- when folded it fits perfectly under the rear seats, but yeah, that's a chicco stroller, which is now in my wife's jetta for spur of the moment needs.

I love the Ridgeline to death. Honda hasn't been moving them as well as they planned so I got the top of the line one for about 5 thousand under invoice. It's nice and quiet inside, drives more like a car than a truck, and I've already hauled a few yards of soil for the backyard, moved four trees, and 50 feet of lumber in the month I've had it. The only drawback is the mileage. It's rated at 16/21 and I've been getting consistently around 19 which is lower than the 24 I averaged in the Element.

NO GOOD. Kitchen Aid makes a fine blender, but I wouldn't buy a truck THEY made either.

Ford 1/2 ton trucks are smooth, quiet, refined and have top of the line tow/haul specs.

And my wife gets 18mpg+

Honda has been making motorcycles and off road vehicles for decades. Also, Ford trucks are notoriously bad in crashes while the Ridgeline is the only truck to ever get a 5 star front-end crash rating. It's also the least polluting full-sized truck available. The in-bed trunk, folding seats, roomy interior, leather/navigation/sunroof/etc were also all reasons why I didn't get a mid-sized Toyota or full-sized Ford or Chevy. I've driven new F150s and they drive like a tank.

This is obviously built off of a SUV, and is much more nimble at speed.

[i used to be a big f150 fan, but I have to agree with Matt, it's an unwieldy tank. The only real missteps I can see with the Ridgeline are marketing-related. It's a totally sweet truck with a whole host of technological advancements over previous trucks. But both Nissan and Toyota were dissed by "real" truck people at first, too; but for my money, the phoney truck people these days are all driving Escalades and Avalanches. -ed.]

Just need to jump on the Chicco thread for a second as we, too, bought the Chicco as our back-up stroller. After pusing a Maclaren for 2 years, the handles felt obscenely uncomfortable. Besides that, the buckle has broken twice (it has mysteriously jammed and no amount of prodding, bludgeoning or swearing will make it come undone).

I heart my Quest.

You take teasing well, Matt. I'm just giving you shit - which is kind of unfair because you don't know that I drive a Saab.

[KitchenAid:: blenders, GM::Saab? -ed.]

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