June 11, 2006

Namibia Is For Lovers. And Advertisers.

A big shoutout to the full-lipped advertisers who had the product placements of a lifetime this week here on daddytypes.com. If your company is gut-bustingly pregnant with useful and valuable information or products for new dads, dads to be, and the baby mommas who love them, why not consider delivering an ad right >> here in the sidebar? You should also consider reaching out to an even wider circle of dads by advertising on DadAds, the dadblog network.

This week's advertisers include:

  • Photoworks.com, because those digital baby photos aren't gonna assemble themselves into beautiful albums and other gifty paraphrenalia.
  • Sparkability, who's scoured the planet for great kids' design, thereby making it possible for you to shop in your underwear.
  • The Shops at Celebrity Baby Blog, it's as if US Magazine were a catalogue, and you could just order all the yummiest baby gear right off the celebrity babies' backs and eat it all up, it's that cute.
  • Mimmo, purveyors of good modern design for modern kids.
  • Kindermusik, whose music and movement classes will someday come with a guarantee, "your kid'll win a Grammy or your money back!" In the mean time, though, they just come with a coupon so you can try out a class for free. AND,
  • Modernseed, purveyors of "all things modern for the mini," which means, of course, your kid, not your car. We'll take a look into this coinage soon, but in the mean time, take a look at the exclusive, classic Alexander Girard designs modernseed has reissued.

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