June 11, 2006

Interesting eBay Auction Roundup

I've been doing a bit more eBay perusing than usual lately, and I thought I'd pass along a few interesting-looking auctions [that I'm not bidding on, otherwise I wouldn't be blabbing about it until after I won]. If you see or find anything that you're not gonna bid on, why not pass it along?

[6/18 update: I added auction results/sale prices below]

  • Here's a vintage Creative Playthings hobby horse with what appears to be the original finish [yeah!], authentic-looking stamps, and is starting at only $195 [cheaper than the DWR version]. Ends June 18. [no bids, didn't sell.]
  • Meanwhile, this Creative Playthings jack-in-the-box looks great, but starts at $50?? Rare's rare and all, but still. Ends June 18th. [no bids, didn't sell.]
  • And I'd probably be all over this sweet CP dollhouse--even with some other kid's hand-drawn art on the wall--if shipping wasn't $40. It costs less than that to ship a Bugaboo cross country, pal. Ends June 17. [whoa, $240.50.]
  • Nice. This pale yellow original Eames rocker with labels and everything looks sweet. Of course, you don't actually need Herman Miller labels and original bases for rocking the kid to sleep, but if you're a purist... Ends June 19 {and it's already $300 $446].

  • Wow. One's got a little crack in it, but this pair of Cosco kid's chairs is only $42, and it ends Monday night. Maybe I will bid on some of this stuff. Or at least put it on my watch list... [they went for $62.39.]

    update: Don't let me catch you putting a scribble-on Fun Pad on this coffee table. [Insane "woven" resin Fresh Fat coffee table from 2001 by Tom Dixon is $500 right now. Ends June 16.] [hmm. was removed.]

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