June 10, 2006

Hippopotamus For Christmas, Elephant For Father's Day

wwf_adopt_an_elephant.jpgThis ad from the World Wildlife Fund was running on Treehugger:"An elephantĺ─˘s powerful trunk is strong enough to rip up whole trees, yet is gentle enough to lovingly caress a calf. Strong and powerful, yet tender and caring--remind you of your dad?

"Adopt an elephant for Father's Day from World Wildlife Fund's Online Adoption Center and let dad know you care!"

Then when you click through, they have photos, just like for Sally Struthers' orphans. I wonder if the elephant will write you a letter?

Adopt An Elephant Prices: Single Elephant: $25, Baby Elephant: $50, Elephant Family: $100, Good Christian Elephant Family: $250 [OK, so I may have made that last one up. worldwildlife.org via treehugger]

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Yeah, I bought a litter of tiger cubs from WWF for my neice's 10th bday. She's all, I love animals, I want to be a vet, etc. etc.

I thought there was a chance she was going to be pissed when she found out they weren't actually gonna show up on the doorstep, but she wasn't. She loved it and WWF did a great job. They sent her all kinds of stuff throughout the year, pictures and updates and a calendar and stuff. It worked out pretty well.

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