June 8, 2006

Bugawho? BBQ Pit Made From Vintage Stroller


Is there anything a Bugaboo can't do? Uh, yes, now that you mention it, you can't slow-cook a side of ribs in one.

Unlike this 1906 Allwyn Pramelator, which does'em up just right. Seems that over three weeks "and a few beers," the stroller was converted into a full-function BBQ pit by the custom pit builders at Klose, Houston, Texas.

The other difference, of course: while all the money in the world will get you a Bugaboo [shipping might be extra], it won't buy this rig for you; Klose says it's not for sale.

Baby Carriage Pit by Klose of Houston, TX [bbqpits.com via dt reader shauna]


Wow - Klose makes some very fine pits...I wonder if the thing actually works? If so, I wonder if they could convert all those used Diaper Genies into cold smokers???

[lolol, would it melt if filled with boiling oil? Because then you could deepfry a turkey in it, too. -ed.]

I'd be worried that, after drinking a couple beers while BBQ'ing up some Tofu, I'd accidentally put the baby in there while the coals are still hot.

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