June 7, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: Sheer Slackitude Edition

It's this weird guy thing, I guess, where I get busy, busier, and then I cut back on surfing and checking in on all the blogs for a week, then two, then... then it's just embarassment at being out of touch for so long, and it's like, Mother's Day? Yeah, I'll do a Mother's Day tribute roundup and--then it's Monday, and it starts all over again. And so I feel like a lamer, as if, if dadbloggers were offline buds, I would just be that guy from freshman dorms, looking vaguely familiar, who you run into on the way out of Outback Steakhouse and he's all, "So what've you been up to [the last ten years]?" Sooo....

Here are just a few highlights from around the dadblog world the last week or so:

  • Read'em and sleep: On The Blogfathers, Matthew of ChildsPlayx2 posted a great, expanded list of advice for new parents. [theblogfathers.com]
  • We must have more children, if only so they can wear mud flap chick booties. [via bloggingbaby]
  • Laid Off Dad saw Jackass Dad on the playground, and Jackass Dad wouldn't stop chattering to/over his kid. For once, this is not me. [laid off dad]
  • Metrodad runs afoul of The Peanut's infallible cookie-dar. The kid's the same way, but so far, she hasn't figured out what that box of Carambar is on top of the fridge. [metrodad]
  • Eric "More Diapers" Sagalyn's wife comes up with a certifiably brilliant/evil idea: play areas at Starbuck's. [theblogfathers]
  • Unidentified local man drives a Maclaren, fine. Unidentified local man drives a Maclaren while wearing hot pants, Not so much. [mr. nice guy, w/photos]

  • The stars say to never perform with animals or small children. Unless you're Johnny Freakin' Cash, that is. Holy Moses. [via sweetjuniper]
  • I want to be Dutch when I grow up. Here's another "children's book you wish celebrities would write," titled "Come Sail Away" by Styx. [sweetjuniper. it's on flickr, too]
  • There may be no limit to the weird Playmobil figurines in existence, but AJ at Thingamababy kept it to just 10. OK, maybe 15 more, if you count vintage. [thingamababy]
  • The Tray-to-Go from InventiveParent makes your kid's in-car McDonald's meal that much neater and easier to eat. What's that? Your kid's still in a car seat? No problemo. [via thingamababy]
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    I know it isn't a blog, but I came across this link at Woot.com and thought you might appreciate it.

    [the kid and I watched that three times the other day, very good stuff, thanks. -ed.]

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