June 6, 2006

The Phone Number Of The Beast

In New York, of course, 666-6666 is not the number of The Beast; it's the number of Carmel Car Service, which slots in somewhere between an actual, corporate, voucher-based car service and a scary-lookin' liquid air-freshener-filled gypsy cab.

But in California somewhere, 666-6666 was the number of some IT guy at some Jesuit university. Apparently, he got lots of calls from unattended babies playing with the phone.

My 666 Story - Mark of the Babies
[bruce stewart at o'reilly via boingboing]

[update: never mind, no omens here. Apparently it happens to the guy who owned 888-8888, too. Who also happens to be Woz, the other founder of Apple computer. Who collects phone numbers. (thanks, tas)]

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