June 6, 2006

Niiice. Kristian Vedel Molded Ply Chair On Ebay

vedel_child_chair_red.JPGKristian Vedel was one of the first great discoveries [for me] from the Kid Size exhibition catalogue published by Vitra. In the mid-50's in Denmark, he created some awesome kid's furniture, simple curved ply seats and desks that had a kind of modular vibe going. It was manufactured in Copenhagen by Torben Orskov, and was originally sold [I think] as a set of four chairs and a table. [The table is like two of the chairs pushed face-to-face.]

The big illustration in the catalogue was black and white, but the pieces came with red and other stains, too.

JUST like the one that happens to be on ebay right now. It's a might finelooking example, too. Vedel chairs have gone at live auction for $400-450, but EUR600 didn't bring a single bid at a live/ebay auction in Germany last week; Meanwhile, this ebay sale is kicking off at $240. Five days and counting. [update: it sold for $463+shipping]

Kristian Vedel Scandinavian Child's Chair ends June 11 at 07:42 pacific [ebay via mark from sparkability]
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