June 1, 2006

Hasbro Kicks Pussycat Dolls Out Of Corporate Bed

pussycat_dolls_dolls.jpgIf you're keeping score at home, it's Dads & Daughters: 1, Pussycat Dolls: 0.

A week or so ago, the non-profit groups Dads & Daughters and Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood organizes a Letterwriting Campaign For A Trampy Doll-Free Childhood, urging Hasbro to cancel its recently announced plans to sell Pussycat Dolls dolls to kids as young as 6. [Which, of course, meant that kids as young as 3 would be playing with them.]

Hasbro's response: "Sorry, Pussycat Dolls, the mob has spoken." They're not going to make the dolls. So once again, Bratz have that street corner all to theyselves.

Pussycat Dolls: Your Voice = Victory!!! [dadsanddaughters.org via washpost and dt reader xdm]
previously: Hasbro sluts-for-tots means full-time employment for Christian mullahs

[this just in via gawker: Denise Richards will perform with the Pussycat Dolls next Friday, June 9th. Could the world possibly make any more sense than it does right now?]

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