May 31, 2006

"Daddy Dear," From The Sesame Street Lyrics Archive

I don't remember this song, "Daddy Dear," from my own days on The Street--or should I say from my first days on The Street--but 10 years ago, when a Toronto mom couldn't remember the words to sing it to her son, she created the Sesame Street Lyrics Archive. It's got tons of transcribed lyrics ["1000 any day now!"] and a growing collection of wav and mp3 files, for all your sing-along memory refreshing needs. There's composer information, too, just in case you forgot that there were real, talented people with their hands up those Muppets' butts.

And there's a growing collection of clips on YouTube, too, like "Daddy Dear," which has that slightly folksy, slightly funky waa-waa pedal sound to it like the best early Street songs do.

"Daddy Dear" vintage Sesame Street clip [, in tinydancer500's collection]
Sesame Street Lyrics Archive []
previously: Sesame Street Clips Roundup

PS: Could someone please find a complete version of the four-armed Indian guy counting, please? And the Spanish version as well? Because that thing is a work of art. Thanks.


You don't remember this verse?? My sisters and I loved this nonsense song:

Dogs dream of meat and their dreams are delicious
Ducks do have ears but they don't do the dishes
Gophers dig holes to hide their candy bars
Dragons don't dance and they don't smoke cigars

[well sure, I know it NOW. We had to watch it 10x yesterday. -ed.]

The human mind has alley-ways and secret places we don't even know about. Reading the post I also could not recall this song from my days on the Street in the mid-70s. But, wow, once it started playing, instant and immediate recognition. That memory was stored, somewhere in my mental filing system, for nearly 30 years. Now I am wondering what else I have in there I don't know about.

The 4-armed Indian bit is available on the commercially-released "Learning About Numbers" video (as well as several other "old school" SS clips).

[hey, I'll definitely buy that for a buck, thanks. -ed.]

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