May 30, 2006

It's Kids-a-Poppin' In Boston

There must be something in the mineral water in Wellesley, because according to the Boston Globe Magazine, the richies there are poppin' out babies by the Suburban-ful. Apparently, it's either a competitve thing, a "no Ivy tuition worries here, pal" show of affluence, or the redirected professional ambitions of ex-executive moms. Or it's just that people like to have kids, and they had eight bedrooms, so...

About one mom who dispenses Purell to the passengers in her all-day car pool, the Globe's Neil Swidey reports, "The only time she's ever questioned having six kids was when a 24-hour stomach bug once sailed through her whole family. 'There were no towels left in the house,' she says. 'It felt like the lowest rung of hell.'"

The kid and I are in Salt Lake City for the weekend to see cousins, and of course, this place is freakin' with Suburbansful of kids, too. And a stomach flu is tearing through Grammy's house at the moment, and the whole place feels like the lowest rung of heck. Must be something in the water.

Full House - three is the new two [ via dt reader josh]


As a newly minted Salt Lake City dad, I know that Boston will never be able to compete with the Suburban crowd around here. They may try but they will fail. I think that it is in the water.

[I think Mitt Romney must be involved somehow. -ed.]

I'm so glad that Andiclaus doesn't expect me to pop out the kids the way his mom did. I barely want a Miata-ful.

Did anyone read the schedule for the Mortons. She is running around like a mad woman, and he spends several hours playing golf. I would kill him. And what ever happened to kids having free time on Saturdays.

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