May 28, 2006

First The Apt., Now The Crib

george_nelson_table_nyt.jpgThe NY Times has the story of Ed Tachibana and Ha Lim Lee, architects who, through a combination of DIY muscle and Ed's obsessive ebaying, craigslisting, transformed their 3BR dump into a slick, loftlike dream home, complete with a home office. Which is meeting a predictable fate:

Now that they are expecting a baby in August, the couple is discussing how to turn their small alcove office into a nursery. When asked if Mr. Tachibana will design and build the crib himself, Ms. Lee responded unenthusiastically, "Yes, that's what he wants to do."

"I don't think it will be that hard," Mr. Tachibana said.

Ms. Lee would not endorse the idea. "If the baby falls out," she told him mischievously, "I will sue you."

I'd tell Ed to take a look at the ol' crib blog here, but I don't want his wife to sue me.Turning Cramped Into Classy on an Even Tighter Budget [nyt]

[furniture bonus: Check out the centerpiece of the Tachibana/Lee apartment, a vintage George Nelson table, complete with square-ish center leaves. It's no Prouve, or even a Knoll, but I bet you can draw on it. Price on craigslist: $700, which converts to 0.79 Bugaboo Units (or 0.08 freshly minted ducducbux).]

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