May 26, 2006

The Kinderzeat Is Dead! Long Live The Tripp Trapp!

tripp_trapp_baby_rail.jpgThere was talk about this at JPMA a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't make it over to see with my own eyes. But then DT readers Nina, Andy, and Piam have all mentioned it to me, so I thought I'd better catch up.

Even though it was basically the same thing, Stokke USA has always marketed its classic high chair--the Tripp Trapp, designed in 1972 by Peter Opsvik--as the Kinderzeat. Now, though, they're bringing the US market into line, global brand-wise, by discontinuing the Kinderzeat name, and replacing it with the Tripp Trapp. Oddly enough, the "new" Tripp Trapp is more unique and less like the rest of the world's Tripp Trapps than the model it replaces.

The new Tripp Trapp has a bunch of safety features demanded, I'm assuming, by the product liability-obsessed US market, geared primarily to the early [at 6 months or so] adoption of the high chair. While Euros on the Continent have been using the Tripp Trapp mostly as is as soon as their kids could sit up by themselves, the Kinderzeat had always been marketed as being for kids "18-36 months and up."

Not anymore. New baby-friendly features include a 5-point harness [the Kinderzeat has a 3-point belt] and an optional molded plastic baby rail. [Compare this to the UK standards-compliant Babyset, which features a bentwood bracket and a higher, integrated seat rail.] Also new: baby rail-compatible seat cushions, [an option we personally never opted for].

Frankly, the 5-point harness is unassailable, but the plastic rail's no beauty, especially compared to the UK's all-wood options. still, I can see why Stokke'd want to do this; it's gotta be tough trying to sell a high chair you know has worked fine for 35 years, but still having to pretend it's only "for" toddlers. Now, at least, they can actively go after the 6 mos-and-up market. Now, with the Tripp Trapp and its optional accessories, they should be able to win over cautious parents who love the design, but who wanted the safety assurances only a robust product liability lawsuit industry can provide.

TheTripp Trapp from Stokke is available via Amazon it's still $199. The optional baby rail
is sold separately--and only fits the Tripp Trapp--for $39. []
The new Tripp Trapp from Stokke []
Previous Tripp Trapp and Kinderzeat coverage on daddytypes


I'm not sure I would want to sit my kid in something called the Tripp Trapp. It just doesn't bring to mind safety.

[I imagine that kind of brand translation issue was behind the intro of the Kinderzeat in the first place. -ed.]

They had to change the chair by law. At lot of accidents happended with high chair especially the Tripp Trapp and the Ikea high chair

When Baby were angry the put their head with paper to back side and their head crashed like a car accident.

Every thing clear ?


[not a bit, Jan. do you have any links at all? there's no mention of Stokke accidents or recalls with the US CPSC. -ed.]

Jan, I think I speak for everyone when I answer your last question: No.

Well the chair has been in existence for 5 years, I think that is safe enough for me.

[33. it came out in 1972. -ed.]

So with all this re-engineering, why have they still not created a high-chair table option (as previously seen on daddytypes, I believe, referencing a German ebay auction).

[this is the one you're referring to, I believe. -ed.]

Thank you for your correction...33 years. wow.

The tray is nice but it is OK if it does not come with it. Comon, kids are kids...they will make a mess no matter what. I am a big fan of wooden chair though, it would be easy to clean.

A few months ago I got the Tripp Trapp Babyset and cushions from Europe, but it does not work with my US Kinderzeat. Is the Tripp Trapp chair sold in Europe different?

[interesting. I guess so, like how the US Tripp Trapp is different from the Kinderzeat in that it can't take the baby rail. Bummer, that -ed.]

One of the reason the Tripp Trapp doesn't come with a tray is because one of the ideas behind it was to make a chair so the baby could sit by the dinner table as an equal part of the family.

Tripp Trapp in Norwegian means something like "Stepping Stones" by the way, and I guess the name has to do both with the shape and that you can use it from 6 months to adulthood. So nothing with tripping or trapping! ;)

[both good points, and the first one is illustrated right on the Stokke site with a baby stranded in a high chair, far away from the rest of the family. -ed.]

We just bought our second Tripp Trapp over the weekend (we bought our first in Switzerland about 5 years ago, with the wood and leather infant restrainer). I was horrified to see the new white plastic brackets and nylon straps mucking up the original design, but we immediately removed them and the chair is almost identical to the European version. Now our baby is in the original with the wood/leather restraint, and our 4 year old is in the "new" model.

I noticed the question about Stokke not having a tray for the Tripp Trapp. this has been an issue with lots of mums. but I have researched and found that a couple of trays are available on the web and places like ebay. I managed to get mine although secondhand and its been a dream to use it has allowed me to feed my angel anywhere in my home. the two I have seen available on the net are the Sloppi from and the Click Clack from ergo I think I have also seen a sliding draw that fits the Tripp Trapp this wasa a simple but usefull storage solution for things like baby wipes, bibs and feeding bowls etc and all in funky colours

We have our twins in tripp trapps, and are comfortable with the safety aspect of the chairs. The chair is very stable. The baby rails are a must for small ones, and the straps keep them in their seats. The lack of a table/tray on the seat is part of the point of this chair. You can draw them right up to your actual dining table. We don't use cushions, as we don't want yet more laundry.
On the minuses side: Adjusting the slats for the seat or footrest requires you to break out that allen key wrench and undoing a bunch of bolts to slide them out and tightening them back up again. The straps are hard to adjust on the fly. While they are probably this way so that the straps don't loosen while holding a squirming child, it's overly difficult to make sure that the left straps are even with the right straps.

Okay-so from what I'm reading my 7yr old kinderzeat that my now 8 yr old refused to ever sit in(so it's like brand new and waiting for our new babe) won't take the infant seat for the Trip Trap?

I have a 6 mo old ready to sit and eat but don't want to get yet ANOTHER chair- is this what all of you are saying? It sounds like it's the same chair? Is it the 5pt harness that is needed? Can someone clarify this for me . . ? please?? thanks-

Does anyone know if you can buy and add the five point harness from the Tripp Trapp to the older KinderZeat (formerly for our 7 year old). I hear the babyset won't fit but would love to know if I could add the five point harness as we are about to adopt a one year old. Any suggestions?

I 'm living in french ! I'M VERY SORRY FOR MY LANGAGE§
i wan't to buy the harness 5 point of tripp trapp but in my country they are not this harness (juste have got harness with 3 point)
Iwan't to buy just this harness 5 point!
where can i buy it?
thank you for your answer!

je recherche le harnais 5 point! j habite en France et la norme c est 3 point avec le seat baby!!!
mais Nous n arrivons pas a enlever ma fille avec le set baby!
donc je vais devoir l enlever et garder juste le harnais!
mis je ne suis pas rassuré par les harnais que nous avons en France c est pour cela que je recherche celui des états unis qui est en 5 point!
pouvez vous me dire où je peux l acheter!
merci de vos réponses

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